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Rhapsody on local East Bay vocal artist Na’Omi Bull

Charismatic is one word you can use to describe singer & song writer Na’Omi Bull, also known as Lady Nay. Her disposition is relaxed, and you can tell by the way she carries herself that she is many years wise for her young age. She is a philanthropist, and believes that being a positive role model is part of her journey in life. This is the reason she keeps active with the youth in her community, spelling out positive messages to them on her My Space page. Na’Omi has lived a full life in a short amount of time, and has probably accomplished more than some people achieve in a lifetime. She has lived through an incredible amount of life experience, as reflected in her lyrics which come across as passionate and deep rooted. In a behind the scenes You Tube interview she states, “I believe my mission here is to present things in a prospective way. My mission here is to present the truth and some people are afraid to talk about the truth, some people are afraid to bring matters to a close in their life…My thing is let it go, relax, relieve and move on.” Na’Omi strives to inspire people to look beyond life, struggle, heart break and pain. She exudes a positive energy that you can’t help but pick up on.

Na’Omi is native to West Oakland where she grew up. She started singing at the age of 7 when her mother arranged for her to sing at the neighborhood church. She remembers vividly the spiritual connection she felt through music that day, and she’s been pursuing it ever since. That performance unleashed a fortunate chain of events and Na’Omi filled her life with music. She sang gospel, created her own choir, she mixed genres to create a new sound, earned a B.A. in Mass Communications and Multimedia, she started her own production company called Multiplicity Entertainment, became popular in the local underground hip hop scene, played Lorell in a production of Dream Girls and learned to engineer her own music. This year Na’Omi plans to release a new album from which she says her listeners can expect to hear her at her very best, “I play with a mix of genres, ranging from Hip-Hop to R&B and infused with soul and gospel. “ There is no denying that Na’Omi Bull knows music well, she has a heart-to-heart connection with it. Her music is catchy and cutting edge, you might even describe her heavenly vocals as a mix between Mariah Carey and Ashanti. Na’Omi Bull is one to watch, a young lady destined for great things. For more information on Na’Omi Bull, up to date news on her album release and upcoming performance information, visit: Reverbnation.com/naomibullakaladynay.

Carla Ramos



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