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Oakland Local Latin Jazz Musical Artist: Jesus Diaz

06 June 2016

Oakland Local Latin Jazz Musical Artist: Jesus Diaz

You don’t have to look too far in the east bay to find the finest in Latin-Jazz music, in fact, look no further than the genius of Jesus Diaz. Versed well in all things music, Jesus Diaz pursues many musical endeavors. On top of playing with three different musical ensembles, Jesus teaches percussion and drumming, works with the San Francisco Symphony to raise musical awareness among students of disadvantaged backgrounds and still manages to dabble in home improvement projects in his spare time. Jesus says his biggest musical influence is his mother and his fondest memories of Cuba involve his first drum set, which he made himself, out of a bunch of coffee cans.

These days, Jesus is the head of a little operation called Bombo Music Productions based out of Oakland, which offers everything from production management, mixing and recording to live entertainment services. Book one of his musical acts for your corporate party, music festival or even just to add the right touch to a private party; or conjure your inner Tito Puente and try your hand at Afro-Cuban drumming lessons. There’s no denying Jesus has held his own in the music world. He’s performed, toured and recorded with many top artists such as Dave Matthew’s Band, Carlos Santana, Bobbie Womack and John Calloway to name a few. To learn more about Jesus Diaz and Bombo Music Productions, visit:

Carla Ramos
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