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Betti Ono

12 November 2015

Betti Ono

BETTI ONO based in Oakland, CA is a creative agency that produces & curates arts, culture & entertainment exhibitions, events & programs. Their aim is to create innovative arts experiences that blend arts and culture with everyday life.

Betti Ono, formerly known as Smashbox Contemporary Arts, was created by Women’s Initiative graduate and City of Richmond Arts Commissioner, Anyka Barber in January 2010. Barber strives to promote local artists of all meduims and feels it is very important to showcase local talent.

One of the most exciting ongoing projects within the Betti Ono umbrella is Smshbx LIVE, an interactive arts happening, blending the sights, sounds and creative spirit of emerging and established artists, dj’s and performers with the cool, lounge experience of SOMAR Bar in Oakland.

Open tables, collaboration encouraged, creative expression, dope music and an all around good time! Started in September 2010 to bring people together on a regular basis to make art, network and build, the experience features figure drawing sessions with live models alongside the sights, sounds and spirit of emerging and established local visual artists, DJ’s and performers. Artists/photographers are welcome to bring their favorite tools, laptop, easels, canvas and sketchbooks to draw, sketch, and paint. Artists can also try out paints, pencils, pastels and other art materials provided by Utrecht Art Store-Berkeley, one of their sponsors.

And when you get a chance, go visit the new Smshbx Pop Up Art Space at 18th and Telegraph in the Marquee Lofts retail space, across from the Fox Theater in the heart of the Uptown Arts District.

About the Gallery:

This space is a pop-up gallery/shop/art space presented by Betti Ono in association with Rockwell Creative Projects and Hip Hop Is Cool Again. The SMSHBX pop-up gallery features the vibrant voice of local, national and international emerging artists in rotating exhibits every 4-6 weeks and produces a variety of multidisciplinary arts and entertainment experiences in a contemporary urban setting. Shows and experiences will reflect a range of media: fine arts, photography, design, digital, sound, theatre, literary, film, and performance and new media.

With a slant towards experimentation and independent thinking, SMSHBX gallery/shop/artspace provides a supportive community that generates innovative ideas, experiences, and a greater awareness and appreciation for the arts with an emphasis on celebrating cultural diversity.